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Posted on: January 30, 2010 2:08 pm

Current FSU commit Demar Dorsey's Legal Troubles

Written by James Brown, Co-Founder of Gatorsfirst.com

In the last day, Gatorsfirst recruiting correspondent DK_Thompson has learned of former Gator commit, expected FSU commit Demar Dorsey's legal troubles. The information was first reported on his twitter account here .

You can check them out from an indisputable source <a href="http://www.clerk-17th-flcourts.org/Clerkwebsite/BCCOC2/Pubsearch/case_search_results.aspx?hidSearchType=party_case&txtLastName=dorsey&txtFirstName=demar&txtMiddleInitial=&txtBusinessEntity=&chkAdvSearch=0&cboCourtType=&sbmPublicParty=Submit&user_type=&DisplayCitation=yes&DisplayType=Criminal" target="_blank">here .

Now, I have no idea the specifics of these cases, and am no legal expert. I don't know if they'll all go away, or what.

The reason I think it's noteworthy: I think it's a possible explanation for the way his recruiting went down . When his commitment wavered, he had some curious quotes about not speaking to the UF coaches, etc. It now seems as if the UF coaches backed off, possibly after hearing about this legal situation. Did his commitment waver in the first place because UF coaches had backed off with so many other defensive backs?

No matter how you look at it, it's a different situation than how the coaching staff handled the Matt Elam saga.

You can fid the original post here: http://gatorsfirst.com/index.php/fl

Posted on: January 28, 2010 7:44 am

Dorsey dropped, McFarland no longer a Grey Shirt

Written by Daniel Thompson, Recruiting Guru for Gatorsfirst.com

Michael McFarland is no longer ''gray shirting'' because the Gators have dropped Demar Dorsey and now have the extra room available to include McFarland. As I wrote here, the Gators asked Michael McFarland to gray shirt because the class was filling up quickly and McFarland has a significant amount of work to do and weight to add.

Demar Dorsey

On Wednesday January 27th, it was reported on Gatorbait.net and a few other sources, that the Gators have indeed dropped Demar Dorsey. Demar was considering offers from FSU and USC. He visited FSU on January 23rd and will visit USC on January 29th. Throughout his commitment, he has considered himself:60% committed90-95% commited and most recently 50-50. Furthermore, Demar said in an interview with Gatorbait.net, that he has not heard from the Gators since January 21st.

The Gators most likely dropped Demar to avoid any chance of losing him on National Signing Day -- it was rumored he was going to spurn the Gators on February 3rd, ala Nukeese Richardson and others.

As I stated here, I thought Demar Dorsey would be the only Gator that might not be in the class come February 3.

Michael McFarland

With the loss of Demar Dorsey, Dan McCarney called Michael and said they no longer want Michael to gray shirt and expect to have room for him. McFarland must now work harder to be ready for his June enrollment at the University of Florida, instead of January had he taken the gray shirt.

After being asked the gray shirt, Auburn and two other schools offered Michael McFarland a scholarship with June enrollment. Michael contemplated a visit to Auburn but said that he would sign with the Gators.

I still expect Michael McFarland to redshirt as I stated here.

You can find the original article here: http://gatorsfirst.com/index.php/fl

Posted on: January 25, 2010 2:10 pm

2010 UF TE Commit McFarland agrees to Grey Shirt

Written by Daniel Thompson, Recruiting Guru for Gatorsfirst.com 

Tampa Blake High School TE Michael McFarland (6'6, 230 lbs) has agreed to a gray shirt. McFarland is ranked 24th best TE in the country and the 84th best player in the state of Florida, according to Rivals.com.

A "gray shirt" means that the player who was supposed to enroll in the Summer or Fall, while instead enroll in January of the following year. Further, Michael will count as a 2011 commitment.

There a couple of reasons why Michael may have been asked to gray shirt:

One, as I stated here, Michael is still very raw and would have most likely redshirted. Moreover, he is still quite weak and needs to add some weight to his 6'6 body. So instead of wasting a year in the gym, they gave him a workout plan and asked him to work with a trainer.

Two, the staff expects spots to be filled. The Gators currently have 26 commitments and are expected to take between 28-31 players and the NCAA regulates that only 85 players can be scholarship. Perhaps the staff is preparing for a few more commitments from top prospects around the country.

What this means for the Gators: Desmond Parks and Gerald Christian will be asked to take a lot of reps, which may be a lot to ask for a redshirt freshman and a true freshman. Furthermore, we may see redshirt freshman QB Jordan Reed step on to the field as a tight end. He started practicing with the tight ends at the end of last season and with only two tight ends it may be necessary for him to play.

You can find the original article here: http://gatorsfirst.com/index.php/fl

Posted on: January 24, 2010 2:28 pm

Gators receive surprise 26th Commitment

Written by Daniel Thompson, Recruiting Guru for Gatorsfirst.com

Connecticut QB Tyler Murphy is the Gators newest commitment. Tyler Murphy, who was previously committed to Temple, committed to the Gators over the weekend after an official visit.

Murphy is a 6'2, 190 pound dual-threat QB, who ran a 4.4 forty yard dash and has a 35 inch vertical jump.

Murphy passed for 1,124 yards and nine touchdowns and rushed for 1,1213 yards and 15 touchdowns on 130 carries as a senior.

This may come as a surprise to some Gator fans, but with uncertainty of Trey Burton and some recruiting targets signing with other schools, a spot opened up for Murphy.

Murphy will be the Gators second QB in as many classes from Connecticut (Jordan Reed).

You can read the original article here: http://gatorsfirst.com/index.php/fl

Posted on: January 23, 2010 10:46 am

Analyzing the 2010 Gators Recruiting Class Part 2

Written by Daniel Thompson, Recruiting Guru for Gatorsfirst.com

The 2009 season had its ups and downs, but one thing that stayed pretty fluid, sans the SEC Championship, was the dominance of the Florida Gators defense. The defense had a litany of playmakers in all three sections of the defense. Carlos Dunlap and Jermaine Cunningham dominated the defensive line, Brandon Spikes and Ryan Stamper played great at linebacker and Joe Haden and Major Wright held down the passing attack as premier defensive backs. Unfortunately for Gator fans, all six of these players graduated.

Furthermore, Defensive Coordinator Charlie Strong left to become the Head Coach of Louisville and Cornerbacks Coach Vance Bedford joined Strong at Louisville to become the Defensive Coordinator. The Gators replaced these two losses by hiring former Miami Dolphins LB Coach, George Edwards as Defensive Coordinator, and hired Stanford Linebackers Coach D.J. Durkin to the same position for the Gators and Safeties Coach Chuck Heater had his role expanded to include all defensive backs.

Needless to say, this year will be a significantly different defensively. However, the Gators have great depth and have recruited the consensus number 1 defensive class in the country, so expect the Gators to be just as dominate.



Neiron Ball – (6’4, 210 lbs from Jackson, GA) Neiron, who is already enrolled on campus, will need to put on a good amount of weight before the start of the season to even consider playing time. He is a very speedy defensive end (ran a sub 4.6 40-yard dash at Friday Night Lights), but will undoubtedly lose some of that speed as he adds some size. In high school, Neiron had a knack for getting into the back field and the Gator staff hopes he can play a Jermaine Cunningham type role after he grows into his frame. Neiron will be one to look for in two or three years.

Ronald Powell – (6’4, 230 lbs from Moreno Valley, CA) Ronald Powell is one of Urban Meyer’s biggest recruiting coups in his five year tenure with the Gatos. Very seldom does any coach go to California and steal a prospect right out of USC’s backyard. However, Urban Meyer sold Ronald on a family atmosphere, as well as his ability to put defensive lineman in to the NFL. Ronald is tall, strong, fast, agile, smart and has great technique. Furthermore, as we saw in the Army All-American game, he can play Tight End and Linebacker as well. Ronald Powell will be a star and he will play in the 2010 season. Three years from now, Ronald Powell will be considered one of the best Gator defensive linemen ever.

Lynden Trail – (6’7, 220 lbs from Miami, FL) Very simple, Lynden is tall and lanky. You can compare his height to Carlos Dunlap and his weight to Chas Henry. After a season or two, I imagine Lynden will weigh between 245-260 lbs, so I do not imagine you will see him on the field too much before then. Lynden is a very quick Defensive End and will beat a lot of offensive lineman because of that speed. Furthermore, he keeps is eyes on the ball carrier at all times is a very hard worker, that doesn’t give up until the play is officially done. Look out for Lynden in two years or so.



Dominique Easley – (6’3, 258 lbs from Staten Island, NY) Dominique Easley was the official end to the horrible month of December for the Gators and a huge January welcome after Easley surprised the world and picked the Florida Gators at the Under Armour All-American game. The defensive MVP for the Under Armour All-Star game is speedy and extremely strong. He has a non-stop motor and knows how to get leverage against offensive lineman. Dominique will be a mainstay on the DL for the next three to four years. Although if we switch to a 3-4 defense he will probably play slightly less than…

Sharrif Floyd – (6’3, 310 lbs from Philadelphia, PA) Sharrif Floyd will play a significant amount of time next season and if the Gators switch to a 3-4 defense will play the nose tackle position. Sharrif has the ability to drive lineman and will need to be double teamed. He is extremely strong, both in the legs and arms, which will allow him to stay low, while keeping balance but pushing the offensive line back towards the quarterback. Floyd will be one of the top defensive tackles in the country by his sophomore year.

Leon Orr – (6’4, 300 lbs from New Port Richey, FL) Leon Orr is currently in Gainesville, but not enrolled for academic reasons. Furthermore, Leon Orr played OL in High School, but projects as a DT in college and as such will be rather raw at the DT position which will be loaded especially with the additions of Floyd and Easley. However, Leon Orr is extremely athletic and extremely quick especially for his size. I would not be surprised to see Leon Orr head back to the offensive line as a guard after a little while simply because of his size and quickness.



Gideon Ajagbe – (6’2, 197 lbs from Coconut Grove, FL) Ajagbe is small, very small. He will need to add at least 20 pounds to play the strong side linebacker spot that Urban wants him at. However, he is very speedy and pretty strong for his size. He will be at least a two year project if they keep him at LB, but do not sleep on him as a RS Junior or Senior.

Michael Taylor – (6’1, 205 from Atlanta, GA) Michael Taylor was originally committed to Tennessee, but after the departure of Lane Kiffin, Taylor jumped ship and joined the Gators. Michael Taylor was the Co-Defensive MVP from the Under Armour All American game and was considered one of the biggest surprises of the week. He is quick and plays with good instincts and at the same time, is a tough hitter. Michael will probably redshirt this season, but will be a good one for the Gators as an outside linebacker.



Demar Dorsey – (6’1, 175 from Lauderdale Lakes, FL) Demar is a great player, with exceptional speed and great coverage skills. As a junior in High School, he was clocked at 4.25 in the forty and was named by Rivals.com as the fastest player at the Under Armour All-American game. Not only is Dorsey fast, he plays great in coverage and has good field smarts. Demar had a great interception at the Under Armour game and showed that he is always around the ball. Dorsey is one of the only players that I would worry about losing from this recruiting class. He is visiting FSU on the 23<sup>rd</sup> of January and USC on the 29<sup>th</sup> of January. However, if the Gators have a good in-home visit the week before National Signing Day, I expect him to stay with the Gators.

Matt Elam – (6’0, 205 lbs from West Palm Beach, FL) Anybody that even remotely followed recruiting his year is already tired of Matt Elam. Matt Elam was committed to Florida, then decommitted, then committed to FSU, then decommitted and re-committed to Florida in less than a week. Despite all the drama, Elam is worth it. Elam is strong, agile, versatile and relatively quick. I imagine Elam will play special teams this season and play a little safety, but will not start until he is at least a sophomore. One of Elam’s downfalls, however, is his desire to always go for the big hit, somewhat similar to Major Wright.

Jordan Haden – (6’0, 198 lbs from Ft. Washington, MD) Jordan Haden is the brother of All-Pro Joe Haden and was considered at the same age, as more athletic. He is fast, instinctive and has great coverage skills. Furthermore, he runs a 4.41 forty yard dash and is pretty strong for his size. I expect Haden to grow into a linebacker in College as he is the third best Safety in this class alone and has the body build to add 20-30 more pounds. Look forward to another great Haden Gator.

Cody Riggs – (5’9, 156 lbs from Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Along with FSU commit Lamarcus Joyner, Riggs helped St. Thomas Aquinas have one of the top secondary’s in the country. As I am sure you can tell Cody Riggs is very light. He will need to add at least 15 pounds to even fill out his frame. But at the same time, Riggs is extremely fast (4.43 forty) and has great coverage skills, including hip change and good ball skills. He will play on kickoff coverage as he will be tough to block. It will be interesting to see how the added weight will affect his play.

Josh Shaw – (6’1, 195 lbs from Palmdale, CA) Josh was dominate at the Under Armour game and could fight for a starting position this year. Shaw is strong, fast and has great ball skills. Moreover, at 6’1 he is the perfect size for an elite cornerback. Josh Shaw is another great grab for Urban Meyer, as went into California and pulled a recruit from USC. Josh Shaw will play next year and he will be dominate.

Jaylen Watkins – (5’11, 172 lbs from Cape Coral, FL) Jaylen Watkins has good height, great speed and plays very well within the first five yards of the line of scrimmage. However, he is slightly skinny and not very strong. He will need to add about 15 pounds of muscle to “out muscle” wide receivers at the next level. I expect Jaylen to redshirt or play special teams only his first year. Jaylen can also play wide receiver, so if the Gators are not having much production in the next two years, you may look for this switch.


This is part 2 of 3, which will cover the Florida Gators recruiting class. Part 1 will deal with Offense, Part 2 will deal with Defense and Part 3 will deal with Athletes/Special Teams.

Posted on: January 20, 2010 3:30 pm
Edited on: January 20, 2010 4:23 pm

Gator Nation Sports Page Wednesday, January 20


Written by James Brown, Co-Founder of Gatorsfirst.com

While most of the recent Florida Gators news surrounds the football and basketball team (check out the first in a series of 3 recruiting pieces here), there have been many stories that I didn't feel necessary to cover in their own blog, but you might find interesting nonetheless.

You can always get Florida Gators news from all over the internet, up-to-the-minute right here.  There's no reason to waste valuable time during your lunch break loading a bunch of pages, when bookmarking that link will allow you to browse all the news at once.

On to what's been happening this week...

Tim Tebow is a professional now, and he and his mother, Pam, filmed a Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family.  CBS rejects "controversial" ads every year- and the fact that the ad centers on abortion qualifies this ad as such- so it remains to be seen if this ad will be, well, seen.  Regardless of your stance on abortion, I love the story of how doctors wanted Pam to get an abortion due to her sickness... she didn't, took steroids.. and Timmy grows up to be 250 lbs. of concrete cyanide.

Wondy Pierre-Louis, who last week rejoiced at the news his parents survived the Haiti earthquake, this week has been in legal trouble for an alleged altercation between himself and a woman.  He posted bail this morning.  The woman testified that Wondy is not a danger.

In other legal news, Steve Babik of the Gators radio network was fired after being arrested on charges of child pornography.

If you've cared about Florida basketball at all in the last decade, you're doing yourself a disservice by not reading this AOL Fanhouse piece on Teddy Dupay.  The article talks about his current work to legalize marijuana, and gives some tidbits about his post-UF basketball career.  I loved the story of his hitting 11 of 14 3-pointers against Louisville in an exhibition game, where Pitino ended up benching Taquan Dean so that Teddy wouldn't totally destroy his defensive confidence by "90 points".  Dupay hardly breaks news by stating that all he knew about marijuana in college was that "Jason Williams smoked a lot of it".  By the way, Jason Williams is still in the NBA, playing for the Magic- and in their recent 3 game losing streak, he's struggled- but scored 12 and 14 points in the two wins before that.  As goes J-Will, so go the Magic?

Don't miss the Florida Gators v. Arkansas Razorbacks basketball game tomorrow night on ESPN at 9pm ET.  And post-game analysis right here on GatorsFirst.com!

You can view the original article here: http://gatorsfirst.com/index.php/fl


Posted on: December 5, 2009 1:00 pm

FINISH THE MISSION: 2009 SEC Championship Preview

This article was originially posted HERE

Epic. You can’t begin a preview of today’s SEC Championship Game with any other word. I’ve been calling it the National Championship all week. Alabama used last season’s 4th-quarter no-show to fuel their motivation for this entire season. Florida has maintained it’s focus to FINISH THE MISSION.

It’s the nation’s two best defenses and two best head coaches, and the two best teams.

Let’s do this.

I want to get a bunch of “expert’s” picks and previews out on the table first. Accuscore (account needed) says Florida wins 61.1% of the time, by an average score of 24.6 – 20.9. Here’s a preview by CBS, and their columnists are split: Dennis Dodd says Alabama , Mike Freeman says Florida . In fact, 3 of 4 CBS experts have picked Alabama here. SI’s Stewart Mandel picked Florida 16-13 . Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein each picked Florida on their podcast this week. ESPN’s SEC blogger Chris Low picks Alabama 24-17 . Not surprisingly, 6 of 9 staff members at Tuscaloosa News picked Alabama . More surprisingly, one guy predicts we score 8 points- setting an SEC record with 4 safeties. The Gainesville Sun’s Pat Dooley picked Florida 24-23 . Scouts, Inc. picks the Gators 27-24 . Pat Forde picks Florida 20-14 .

Additionally, much has been written about the matchups in this game. ESPN’s Ivan Maisel polled 4 coaches who have lost tot both teams, and came up with the startling revelation that Tim Tebow is the difference in this game. The coaching rivalry was covered in a historical context by our friend Sam Negus at the Prolate Spheroid blog, and we ran the piece on our site here . ESPN’s Chris Low took a numbers-based approach to the coaching rivalry. And has a “Did You Know” for the game. And points out his 5 key matchups . Here are the five keys to the game, from Football Outsiders . Mel Kiper, Jr. (and his beautiful hair) points out five one-on-one matchups with NFL Draft implications (ESPN Insider, subscription required). ESPN’s Chad Millman takes a look from a gambler’s perspective at the SEC Championship Game.   So what do I think? The above survey pointed out lots of key matchups. I’ll attack these one at a time.  

How will our offensive line hold up against Mount Cody?

Lane Kiffin, aka Diarrhea of the Mouth, has made much of the difference in number of sacks given up by each team. Lately, this problem has improved, and I think it has to do with the shake-up of the interior offensive line. Note that the “shake-up” means we are once again playing the Pounceys and Carl Johnson, which is the same interior offensive line that played well against The Rotund One in the 2008 SEC Championship Game. I don’t think this matchup goes catastrophically bad for us.  

How will the loss of Carlos Dunlap change our defense?

Not much. We have always substituted a lot of guys on the defensive line. For one game, we can replace his stats with plenty of other five–star guys, and Dan McCarney works wonders as a DL coach. Just look at the drop-off in production in USF’s George Selvie once McCarney drove North on I-75. Selvie’s sack totals: 2006 5.5, 07 14.5, 08 5.5, and 09 3.0. The year McCarney was at USF? 2007. This is all a convoluted way of saying we have lots of bodies at DE, and can make up for Dunlap’s absence with plenty of guys who are used to being on the field and making plays.  

Julio Jones is a beast. How can you expect to contain him?

Against Auburn, Jones’ biggest plays came by making the first guy miss. Our corners, Janoris Jenkins and Joe Haden, are very good tacklers. Big wide receivers are a problem for every team, as most corners aren’t taller than 6 feet. Our corners are in that range, and so give up a few inches to Jones. In 3 games the last two seasons against Jones and AJ Green, Florida has emerged unscathed. While I’ll always be frightened of Jones breaking the big one, I am confident saying that I think we know how to deal with it.  

The defenses are both good. Who has the better offense?

We do. And we’re not as bad as you think (covered here yesterday). And lately, Riley Cooper and Aaron Hernandez have emerged as playmakers in the passing game. The Shake and Bake duo of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey are just waiting for a mistake to turn into a 70-yard TD.  

What if this game comes down to a kick?

Both kickers have struggled this year. Alabama memorably blocked a couple kicks to beat the Vols. I can’t say much about Alabama’s kicker, but Caleb Sturgis is inconsistent. He’s got the leg (can you believe we witnessed a 56-yard field goal by a Gator?), but no one would feel great about him dropping back with the game on the line. He seems to be very talented, but I don’t know how to predict when he’s going to pull through and when he’s going to come up short.  

Is Urban Meyer still our coach?

Sure is. And he seems to know what he’s doing in big games. He has an experienced, talented team. We will come to play.  

Is Tim Tebow still on our team?

Yes, yes he is. And he remains the #1 reason I’m confident heading into this matchup. It’s by far the toughest challenge we will have faced this season- and I think a tougher challenge than any other matchup we could possibly face this season- but Tebow’s got the track record to make me a believer.

Posted on: August 31, 2009 10:45 pm

Gatorsfirst.com's Full Month of College Football

We at gatorsfirst.com have been fiending for some college football since roughly... 1990. In order to bring you the very best perspective on the upcoming season, we are giving you a different college football preview for the 2009 season every day for the entire month of August!

We are exploring the ways different conferences feel about football- in their own backyard and throughout the nation. You will get to hear the personal feelings and game day experiences of renowned college football bloggers from all over the internet, straight from their keyboards in our interview portions.

You'll get to see conference standings picked in every BCS conference, plus the Mountain West conference. And for the greatest conference in the land, you'll get a different SEC preview from a fan of each school.

Basically, keep your browser on gatorsfirst.com all month long as we provide you the ultimate experience for the 2009 college football season.

Below you'll see the list of contributors, plus links to those that have already been published. We will be constantly updating this list as more of our previews are complete.


The National Picture

Notre Dame Preview via Interview with Ty Hildenbrandt (Solid Verbal podcast , SI.com )

Oregon Preview via Interview with Dan Rubenstein (Solid Verbal podcast , SI.com )

10 Things That Won't Change in 09 by Henry (CFB 365 )

Predicting the 2009 College Football Season , via Interview with Zach Rosenfield (Accuscore )

Preview of the National Race by James Brown (Gators First )

ACC Preview and Interview with Alex Ryan-Bond (Hell In A Red Shell )

Big East Preview and Interview with Matt Freeman (We Must Ignite This Couch )

Big Ten Preview and Interview with Brad Gilliam (BleacherReport- Penn State )

Big Ten Preview with HD (Block O Nation )

Big XII Preview and Interview with Blatant Homerism (Blatant Homerism )

Pac 10 Preview and Interview with Ian Peterson (Husky Trails )

Mountain West Conference Preview and Interview with Jeremy Mauss (MWC football )

The Heisman Trophy Race by James Brown (Gators First )


The Rest of the Best (SEC Previews)

The Toughest Schedules in the SEC by Shaun Wilson (BCS Watch )

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Mississippi State Bulldogs Fan's SEC Preview and Interview with Brett Holloway (All Things Maroon )

South Carolina Fan's SEC Preview and Interview with Ritch (Leftover Hot Dog )

Tennessee Volunteers Fan's SEC Preview and Interview with the BSXtravaganza (Youtube )

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The Mighty Florida Gators

Florida Gators Pro Prospects - 2010 NFL Draft by Krutch (Gators First )

Florida Gators & SEC Preview by Chris Canada (Gators First )

Florida Gators Fan's SEC Preview by James Brown (Gators First )

Interview with Chris Canada , Co-founder Gators First

Interview with James Brown , Co-founder Gators First

Interview with Jesse Colston , Co-founder Gators First


Find the original article here: http://gatorsfirst.com/index.php/fl

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com